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West & Mill Bistro Bar | Grand Opening

Back in the fall of 2012, both the Head and Sioux Chefs commissioned me to create an arrangement for the opening night of their restaurant, West & Mill Bistro Bar, which was situated in the Westside of Atlanta. The piece was situated in the lounge area, creating a focal point while people gathered to sip drinks and converse. The design of this particular ikebana arrangement blended the modern chic style with the rustic charm of the place

Whenever I choose the flowers or the branches, I consider the environment each piece will reside. Since restaurants have very fluctuating temperatures (cool when no one’s around and very warm when it’s a full house), I had to make sure I used flowers and stems that would withstand those changes. It was constructed with plenty of stability in case someone came in contact with the piece. I kept the depth pretty shallow, so nothing stuck out beyond the width of the coffee table. I also trimmed the branches, so they wouldn’t obstruct the view of the decor. I used driftwood to anchor the base and accented the main flowers with taller Protea and branches. The glass bowl reflected the light as it passed through to reveal the natural colored stones, and the gold base just beneath really pulled everything together by adding some glitz and warmth to the whole area.

For the two weeks it was on display, it received a great number of accolades from several patrons and media officials who featured the event.

Material Used: Pink Celosia Flowers, Protea Stems, Crape Myrtle Branches, Driftwood

Perfect for: A striking centerpiece to brighten up your space – whether it’s in at home or your place of business. Flowers in this style could add beauty to any event: memorials, funerals, weddings, bah mitzvahs, bar mitzvahs, dinner parties, special events, corporate or residential service.