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Modern & Contemporary Wedding Centerpiece

For an out-of-state wedding, concepting needed to begin six months out to create ideas centered around this small wedding of 60 people. She needed a focal piece created on the main food table with all the dishes positioned around it. Everyone there would potentially be within inches, so stability was key, and since people were walking around the table on all sides, the composition needed to work from a 360-degree perspective. The bride also knew she wanted to use Fuchsia and Chartreuse as her colors for all of the flowers.

In addition to the sprightly and vibrant color palette (pink and green), the bride wanted an incredibly architectural design to match her parents’ house. Her father is a well-known architect and her stepmom, an incredible interior designer, so the design needed to match the decor, style and show whimsical personality of both the bride and groom. It just so happened that the design went perfectly with their artwork and represented the essentials she wanted: a simple, modern, contemporary, sculptural, expressive, asymmetrical design. After only a few sketches, a final design was selected to proceed. Next it was time to choose the materials.

Like many events, transit needs to be as quick as possible to avoid blooms from opening too soon and to preserve the color and aesthetics. Especially in summer time, any time in the heat can be detrimental. Knowing that the flowers were being shipped out of state, we needed to make sure whatever material she chose would be strong enough to withstand the traveling and still hit all the criteria mentioned above. Another approach would be to use a local wholesale company in the area, but then it’d be taking a chance that they’d have everything in stock, and it’d be too risky to just rely on hope that the condition of that material would be in pristine shape. We landed on using Dendrobium Orchids with Grape Wood branches and Umbrella Plant (Cyperus Alternifolius) which was added such a great contrast to the texture and shape of the grape branches, and they also gave the piece the perfect amount of whimsical personality. At the end, some lights were added in the water below to shine upward and  give it more prominence and create even more of a dramatic focal point.

This piece was an amazing success which received numerous accolades for its unique design and composition. The bride was over the moon with the results!


Green Cymbidium Orchids, pink Dendrobium Orchids, green Hypericum with mixed Greenery used as accents.

Perfect for any occasion where a corsage or boutonnière is needed: weddings, bah mitzvahs, bar mitzvahs, graduation, dinner parties, galas or any other formal event.

Many thanks to Scott for taking these wonderful pictures –  W. Scott Chester Photography