Valentine's Day Surprise Arrangement | The Flower Sculptor

Surprise, My Lovely Valentine


I think it is the most beautiful arrangement I have ever seen. Thank you for brightening our home with your artistic talents. You will definitely be getting a call from me again.

Leah C. | Atlanta

Surprise arrangements are some of my favorite, especially when I get to meet such lovely people along the way. Leah graciously provided me with some pictures of her home and the space where she wanted the arrangement, and she also included some of her favorite arrangements of mine. There were also some helpful hints suggested in terms of colors and style, but overall, she gave me free reign to come up with something really special to surprise her partner when she came home from work.

In addition to the neutral tones, there were some burgundy and red hues, white and dark wood tones present in their space. The square kitchen table – a dark wood surrounded by white leather chairs – made an ideal space for the arrangement because it’s one of the focal points when you first enter the home. Its positioning made it ideal to debut her surprise, but it’s also a great way to enjoy the ikebana arrangement while sipping on a fresh cup o’ joe, during meals or even while you’re sitting on the couch viewing it from across the room. The table was visible from many places in the home, and they’d have many chances to appreciate each of the flowers as they go through their cycle.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Leah’s sweetheart!


Material Used: Orange Pincushion Flowers, Protea Spray Stems, Pussy Willow Branches, Driftwood

Perfect for: A striking arrangement to warm and brighten up any space or event – whether it’s in at home or your place of business. Dinner parties, special events, memorials, funerals, weddings, bah mitzvahs, bar mitzvahs, corporate or residential service.

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